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Welcome to the family history website
of the Hodgkinson and Clark families,
incorporating the Lancashire
Lofthouse and Baxter Archive.

Hodgkinson, Clark
The Hodgkinson Clark section is a collection of photographs and artefacts archived for searching or just browsing through. In addition, we have created an interactive family tree compiler.
The Lofthouse Baxter section is a searchable list of family members and also incorporates our unique family tree compiler and viewer which offers a whole new genealogy experience.

This website is a compilation of photographs and
documents belonging to several family members.

Many of the items contain images and events
which we are unable to identify and
we ask you to spend some time,
at your convenience looking
through this archive.

If you are able to identify any of the unknown
people and events, we would appreciate the
contribution of your knowledge to
our ever expanding archive.

Our Family Trees section shows a full list of
the extended family and registered visitors
can print out family trees from there.

If you have photographs or artefacts
linked to the Hodgkinson and Clark
families, perhaps you would like
to add them to the archive.

If you wish us to remove any of the photographs
from display on this website, please contact us
with the appropriate archive numbers.

News From The Archive

Updated - Monday 28th March 2016

Keith has been busy rewriting the Family Tree section to make it clearer to read. PDF files are now fully working but only available to logged in members.

There are a lot of new documents on the website and these have been added to the search results.

All registered members should have received a newsletter, if not, please contact us.
Visitors can read it by clicking the image above.

Eric Morecambe with a wine glass Please Help
Add to the archive If you have any information about any of the photographs or documents on this website, we need your input. The easiest way to add your comments is to register with us. Once registered, you can add comments directly onto the relevant file. All comments are checked before they are added to the archive.

If you spot any errors
do please tell us

So we can make this archive
as accurate as possible.

Add Your Photos

Please contact us if you want to add any of your own photos to the archive.
You can upload them from the comfort of your own home.
All you need is a computer with internet access and if you haven't got a computer, how are you reading this?